The Hardwood Industry has a long and storied history, with a foundation built upon strong relationships. For nearly two decades, eLIMBS, LLC has been building and maintaining lasting relationships with Forest Products operations, large and small. We have built and fostered these partnerships by providing industry-leading products along with unmatched customer service. Click on an image below for one of our customer success stories.

eLIMBS' Lumber Customers
eLIMBS' Timber & Log Customers
eLIMBS Lumber System Customers
eLIMBS Keeps Us Competitive!


"We use eLIMBS from the time the lumber rolls in until it leaves.  eLIMBS provides a quick, user-friendly, well-supported, and accurate inventory solution to give us the data we need to be competitive! We have cut time in the yard as well as in the office."


Wes Hoffman, Corporate Secretary

Cherry Hill Hardwoods

Richfield, PA

eLIMBS Makes My Life Easier


"I like eLIMBS a lot. It is very easy to use.  On a daily basis, I produce and consume inventory, generate sales orders with allocated inventory for my warehouse to setup, and create invoices with the click of a mouse. I can also easily track who handled which bundles and when. Best of all, if I have questions on the system, I call or email and someone from eLIMBS is available to help me. It makes my life easier!"

Larry Krueger, Owner

Krueger Lumber Company 

Valders, WI

“...A Wealth of Information at our Fingertips”

"When we first moved to eLIMBS, it was the hardware that convinced me to move.  We had been looking for a better handheld, and eLIMBS' 99EX solution was robust, durable, and compact. Then, once we had eLIMBS' Complete Lumber Inventory software installed, we found it was easy to use and provided a wealth of information that was right at our fingertips. It enables us to better manage our inventory from buying and production, right through the sales process."


Mike Powers, Executive Vice President

Maley & Wertz, Inc. 

Evansville, IN

eLIMBS is an Outstanding Partner

"We are a fast-paced distribution and export yard, with an emphasis on value added machining and custom specification.  We needed an inventory tracking system that was flexible to our needs.  eLIMBS offered a great solution to track our inventory from green lumber all the way through finished products.  We have been able to pinpoint our yield studies, cost tracking and order management flow with high efficiency.  All of this was our goal for an inventory management system.  What we got in addition was an outstanding partner that provided fantastic service, on time that met our customization needs."

Greg Hubble, General Manager

Prime Lumber Company 

Thomasville, NC

eLIMBS Timber & Log System Customers
eLIMBS Cut My Workload in Half!

"In my 14 years in the industry, we have tried 3 different software programs and by far, eLIMBS is the most efficient, and easy to use. My job description is tracking all logs coming into 2 locations, contract profits for several buyers, and veneer sales for both companies. eLIMBS has literally cut my work load in half. No more taking work home or stressing to meet deadlines. eLIMBS is easy to use and the training and support we received were exceptional. The eLIMBS Team was so helpful in meeting all of our needs for reports and tracking our inventory."


Jill Blair, Office Manager

Buskirk Lumber Company 

Freeport, MI

Choosing eLIMBS was the Right Decision for our Company!

"eLIMBS' Software and Handhelds have helped both our office team and sawmill run more smoothly and efficiently.  Not only does eLIMBS have an excellent product, their customer service and support staff are hands down the best in the business.  I am convinced choosing eLIMBS was the right decision for our company."

Dan Terbovich, Owner

Horizon Wood Products

Kersey, PA



"eLIMBS handhelds, Timber and Log systems have revolutionized our purchasing programs and the way we manage our inventory."


Brian Wilson, Owner

Wilson Forest Products 

Jefferson, PA