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Long Range Barcode Scanners

One of the most powerful utilities of eLIMBS' Log and Lumber inventory systems is physical inventory verification. eLIMBS' systems drastically reduce physical inventory verification time by allowing users to scan all bundles in the yard, then use our comparison and exception reports to easily find missing or incorrect bundles. While our 99EX handhelds have an integrated barcode scanner, we also offer a full line of long-range barcode scanners which will allow you to scan tags on bundles stacked 4-5 levels high. These scanners can wirelessly communicate with your eLIMBS handheld via BlueToothTM connectivity.

Barcode Scanner Rentals

Do you only need a long-range barcode scanner once or twice a year to perform physical inventory verification?  We've got you covered. eLIMBS carries a stock of Loaner barcode scanners which we rent out on a weekly basis for a small fee. Please contact a member of our Sales Team at 888.520.1951 for further details.