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Mobile Tag Printing Solutions

eLIMBS offers a full line of rugged tag printers from Zebra. These printers can be paired directly to our eLIMBS handhelds via blue tooth in order to print tags out in the yard. This is a great option for tagging received loads, sticker packs, and Kiln Dried lumber at the time of processing. 

Desktop Tag Printing Solutions

Tagging stations are a great, cost-effective way to print tags in the yard at key points in your production line as an alternative to additional eLIMBS Handhelds. We offer a number of industrial desktop tag printers to fit all of your tag station printing needs.

Consumables: Tags, Ribbons, and Supplies

eLIMBS is your one-stop provider for all tag printing consumables and supplies, such as tags and ribbons. We stock a full line of Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer tags, as well as all corresponding ribbons and printer accessories. Contact us today for more information and pricing.