The eLIMBS complete lumber inventory management system is designed to provide instant access to all of the business critical information, at any point, from any computer or any handheld in your operation, including the following capabilities:


Inventory Locator

Whether you're looking for in-yard inventory, loading a kiln, moving lumber from place to place in your yard(s), the inventory locator is the place to start. By simplifying and integrating all functions, reports, and activities into a central location and search utility, you are quickly up and running and don’t have to go different places, following different procedures, for each and every action. Everything begins with the inventory locator, which offers you powerful combined search options to meet all your needs.

Kiln Management

Our kiln management process can be handled directly in the yard, running inventory searches, scanning bar codes with the handheld devices while loading kilns, keying the tag numbers into the handheld, or using the computer system to load the kilns. In addition we have long range scanners allowing you to scan the bundles from the seat of the fork truck, while loading the kilns to eliminate office data entry and transcription errors when handwriting or marking bundle numbers. Unloading kilns is just as easy as loading.

Shipment Management

Managing shipments is easier than ever with eLimbs Handheld shipment management. Simply scan bundle tags or key the tag numbers while loading the truck, select customer/destination information and quickly & easily capture pictures of the loaded truck, and the driver's signature and print the bill of lading.

Customer/Vendor Management

eLIMBS provides a complete management tool for your customer and vendor management that tracks the history of customer and vendor purchase and sales trends, down to the individual load, and shipment detail.

Bar Code Printing, Scanning, and Inventory Control

The eLIMBS system is capable of generating and printing bar coded tags directly from the handhelds or through the computer system. Using high speed bar code printers you can place tag generators at key production locations for ease of use, efficiency, and lower cost than purchasing preprinted tags. If you prefer preprinted tags, you can also scan the tags while entering estimated or full detail bundles. 

Bar codes are not necessary to use the eLIMBS inventory system, but they provide additional automation and efficiency enhancements, increase the accuracy of physical inventory verification, bundle movement and processing from status-to-status

Automated Inventory Verification

eLIMBS can be used to manage the inventory at individual yards, or through centralized processing with multiple yards. We tailor systems to meet your exact needs from beginning to end, so rather than adapting your business to fit the eLIMBS system, we adapt our system to meet your business needs.

Custom Design Services & Website Integration

eLIMBS' team of software engineers are available to help integrate elimbs with existing inventory systems, accounting systems, business systems, and websites. Publish available inventory, process, and customer information directly to your website or integrate your production information and customer information directly with almost any accounting system. We can customize the inventory system to meet specific processing or business climate needs. We have been designing & developing custom software systems for over 10 years in industries ranging from transportation, military, environmental control, to commercial service businesses. Our team has a wide range of skills and experience to meet your exact needs.


Interested in bringing the power of eLIMBS to your company?

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