eLIMBS' Tagged Log Inventory system is a comprehensive solution, encompassing the entire process from log purchase, all the way through receipt and final consumption.


Management, Production, and Consumption

eLIMBS Log Inventory System is designed to manage your log inventory from purchase, through production and consumption.

Purchasing and Settlement

Our mLog system is entirely integrated with our mTreeTracts timber system providing excellent consistency tracking logs, as well as incoming timber. This portion of mLogs can also help with other tasks such as paying contractors, and purchasing logs that have already been cut.

Bids and Purchase Orders

You are able to tally logs, print out prices 'on the go', and keep track of buyer response.

Sales and P&L Analysis

We have included a toolset that will allow you to monitor sales of logs whether they are purchased or through contract. You will also have the ability to run a comparison from the price paid and the price they were sold for.

Bid Tallies

The eLIMBS Log handheld offers the capability to place bids, based upon estimated logs, in order to help track potential incoming inventory.

Load Tallies

After you purchased the logs and they show up at your location you will be able to see what information about the logs such as: Purchase Agreement, Vendor, Trucker and go through each logs diameter, grade, species, and price.

Sales Tallies

Once you are ready to sell logs you can identify the customer and select what you are charging for trucking. You can also specify price based on diameter, grade and species.

Inventory Tagging

Our systems provides two main methods of tracking: Tagged and Untagged. The Tagged solution is applying a barcode that stores information and allows easy data collection using both short and long range scanners.

Inventory Consumption

Need to know accurate information about what is going on with your log inventory? Stay in control of your inventory by keeping detailed status of your log assets.


  • See what logs have been turned into lumber 

  • See how many logs were actually received 

  • See what logs have arrived today 

  • See what high quality logs have been sold