eLIMBS offers a vast array of rugged devices with integrated mobile software systems such as long-range scanners, mobile barcode/tagging printers, and an industry-leading "Smart" Handheld Device-based system.

eLIMBS Handhelds


Our flagship handheld offering is the Dolphin 99EX, manufactured by Honeywell. These handhelds were purpose-built by Honeywell for UPS, and have been tried, tested, and battle-proven both there and with eLIMBS clients. The 99EX handheld has keys that don't wear off, a back lit keypad that turns on automatically when it is dark outside, an accelerometer that senses and tracks "drops", as well as a screen that is nearly twice as bright as other models. Furthermore, the 99EX offers permanent data storage and comfortable ergonomics. 


eLIMBS' handhelds maintain full yard inventory, and when integrated with eLIMBS' server/desktop systems, the handhelds "know" about the bundles and products in your yard, helping to minimize errors and maximize efficiencies.  With eLIMBS' Handhelds, the point of data entry is moved to the yard, where the work happens, reducing errors and improving communication among yard staff.

Report & Tag Printers

One of the keys to successfully managing your inventory is clearly identifying each bundle in your yard. The best way to do this is by using weather resistant, barcoded tags. eLIMBS has partnered with industry-leading rugged hardware manufacturers to offer a complete line of desktop and mobile tag printers. Furthermore, we carry all of the tags, ribbons, and other printer accessories you could ever need.

Barcode Scanners


eLIMBS carries a full line of Intemec and Honeywell long-range scanners. Equipped with BlueToothTM technology, these barcode scanners can be paired with your eLIMBS handhelds to make physical inventory verification a breeze. We even offer a weekly rental program for those customers who only require a long-range scanner a few times per year.