As the latest building block in our reputation as the Hardwood Industry's leading innovator in advanced automation, eLIMBS INKTM is a revolutionary scan & print alternative to traditional lumber stenciling, painting and/or hand-writing for shipping, receiving, and other hardwood production processes.

How It Works



Scan the barcoded bundle tag using your eLIMBS Handheld. The handheld "knows" the inventory, so there is no additional data entry required, removing the potential for human error. Simply send the bundle details to the printer with a single button press.




Pull the trigger and roll the eLIMBS INKTM printer across your bundle. The printer knows where to start and stop each line, and can even stop and restart in the middle of a line. Using one of our proprietary alignment brackets, you get clean, consistent print quality on every bundle.




The simple Scan, Send, Print process allows for consistent, repeatable bundle markings that are Faster, Easier, Cleaner, More Accurate, and More Cost Effective than the traditional stenciling and marking alternatives.