A letter from our CEO:


eLIMBS is a family-owned business that has been working in the wood products industry since 2001, and was officially spun-off as a standalone company in 2006. We have become the premier provider of timber, logging, and lumber tally and integrated inventory handheld computer systems in the industry. Our systems have been developed from the ground up to use the latest technology platforms, and we continue to expand capabilities and improve our products, as only a hard-core software development firm can. 


Coupling our highly efficient and easy to use software systems, with the well designed and amazingly durable products we have been able to develop an offering that the competition will struggle for years to catch up with.  As an official channel partner with our hardware manufacturers, we are provided with great access to the device support, service, and manufacturing personnel that continue to enable us to provide superior service to our customers.


With such a great product and hardware platform, we also strive to provide a level of service that is simply unheard of in this industry.  Granted, due to the quality of our products and services, often our support staff has very little to do, but nonetheless they are here, waiting for your call and will respond immediately when you need them.  No email-only support, no long wait times, no call backs, and no waiting for your device software to be unlocked.  You call, we answer, we serve.


Whether you’re looking for complete timber, logging, or lumber inventory management solution, or pieces to fill in gaps and automate specific parts of your process.  Call us and I guarantee you that you will never be disappointed.  We deliver high quality products, backed by our strong service and support, and we deliver on-time, at a reasonable cost, with customization as needed to fit our system to your business, rather than stuffing your business into our system.


We integrate our handhelds with all existing commercial and custom inventory systems and integrate our inventory systems with all existing commercial handhelds as needed so you can continue gaining ROI on your existing systems and only get what you need from eLIMBS!


We look forward to working with you, and appreciate the opportunity you have given us.










Philip C. Coyner