eLIMBS is a Software Solutions and Hardware Solutions provider serving the wood products industry with easy-to-use tools for tracking wood products from the initial standing timber process clear through the harvesting, production and manufacturing process up to and beyond the point of sale.

  • Contract Solutions

  • Cruise and Bid Solutions

  • Handhelds

  • Purchase and Settlement

  • Inventory Solutions

  • Sales and Invoicing

  • Consumption and Production

  • Scale and Inventory Handhelds

  • Grading and Tally Handhelds

  • Kiln Loading

  • Order Picking

  • Inventory Reconciliation


“eLIMBS has literally cut my work load in half!”

Jill Blair, Office Manager

Buskirk Lumber Company

Freeport, MI

“eLIMBS is easy to use and provides a wealth of information at our fingertips.”

Mike Powers, Executive Vice President

Maley & Wertz, Inc.

Evansville, IN

“What we got with eLIMBS is an outstanding partner that provides fantastic service!”

Greg Hubble, General Manager

Prime Lumber Company

Thomasville, NC